We have all seen the Guinness advert about the famous Irish explorer called Tom Crean. Well its time to awaken your inner Tom Crean. Its in our DNA. As an Irish person, I truly believe this. History has shown that we have explored every inch of this blue planet, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of desperation, sometimes out of devilment but we did it!

Believe its in you! Its in each and everyone one of us. For some, its hidden deep within, suppressed by the burdens of modern day pressures and anxieties, you just have to search for it.

Now I’m not saying we should be booking tickets to the south pole but for me personally, I believe there is more in life than waking up, going to work to pay for our existence, coming home and ultimately going back to bed to repeat the whole damn cycle again in the morning. We spend our lives breaking our backs trying to get through life without actually living. I will be the first to admit, I have been privy to a glass of vino when I have had a crappy day, who hasn’t. A short term solution but come morning my head is rarely any clearer.

Now these adventure races may not be the ultimate answer, the ultimate solution to life’s ailments but what they can be used as a wake up call. Before you step up to the starting line, you will need to do some training. Before training you will have to open up your mind, say there is more to life than usual regime, get out, get active.

Greatness is not achieved by making a few large steps, its achieved by making lots of small steps.

You may never sign up for an adventure race. That’s fine but if you make the choice of getting active, stimulating your brain. This can be achieved on so many levels. Walking to the shops as opposed hoping in the car. Paint that picture, write that book…In other words, do that thing you have always wanted to do…Do not wait for the perfect time to come along to do it, Just do it! That perfect time may never come! And all you will be left with is the same old regime…nothing changed.

If and I would truly recommend you do sign up for a race (just to note, I’m making no commission on you entering a race), you will be jumping in both feet…a couple of things will have happened…

  1. You will know have a goal. Whether it be beginner, intermediate or expert. You have a focal point! Something to aim towards
  2. You will most likely let your friends know…now you cannot back out. You will never hear the end of it if you do.
  3. And most importantly, you will have said, its time for a mindset change. I have had enough of this so called life…time to live a little, breakaway from the routine.

Awaken your inner adventurer/explorer…Your Tom Crean!

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