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Was just getting ready last night for a run in the stormy weather, in preparation for Quest Glendalough on April 8th, I reached for my mp3 player and thought to myself what will I use tonight to help get me around…and I dug up this gem…The Rocky Soundtrack. What a classic. One, for me, that has stood the test of time.

As I drove to my starting point, a car park in Tibradden Forest, I hopped out of the car and put the headphones, Started off with a slow melodic number called “Philadelphia Morning“, did a few stretches, filled the lungs with the cool evening breeze, and by the time I was ready to start, “Going the Distance” kicked in…i could feel the goose bumps rising and the energy levels starting to rise. A surge hit me. Before I knew it was heading up the hill with only a headlight ahead of me, dodging the fallen down tree’s and debris from #StormDoris. I was ready to cut these trees with the back of my hand. The soundtrack helped to propel me to the top of the trail and back down again in record time.

I had been listening to “Underworld – Everything, Everything” of late but needed a change. I wont listen to the Rocky soundtrack for a while again as I feel it may lose its impact on me. Do you have a particular track listing you like to listen to? Let us know, I’m definitely in need of an upgrade soon. I can’t be calling on the Italian Stallion every time.



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