Competitor Spotlight – Week 4.

So recently, teamed up with Killary Gaelforce to run a competition to win a couple of free entries to Gaelforce Connemara on the 6th of May. From our hat, we pulled out the name of Shane Flannery. It transpires that Shane is doing a wee little challenge called the 4 Peeks Challenge to raise much needed funds for AWARE. So we thought, every good turn deserves another and to help shed a little spotlight on this great event(sorry, bad pun I know), we would do this weeks spotlight on Shane. Turns out, although he is too modest to admit, is quite the dab hand at adventure racing too.

Adventure Racing Ireland

So here we go…Enjoy 🙂

What is your name?
Shane Flannery

How old are you?

Where are you from?
Banagher Co. Offaly, living in Navan, Co. Meath


What got you into Adventure Racing
Local barman convinced me over a few pints , also was looking for something to get into to help loose some weight

How many races have you done?
About 10

When was your first race?
October 2014

Which race was it?
Quest Killarney

Favorite race?
Dingle is my favorite so far, just love the town, scenery etc, really looking forward to Off the Bloom in Offaly this year, good to put the midlands on the map.

kayaking Ireland

Dream race?
Friend recently competed in Coast to Coast New Zealand, would love to give it a go in a few years maybe, long way from being able to compete in something like that buts its something to aim for. Coast to Coast Ireland in 2018 is also a goal, sometimes its nice to dream, but if you don’t set goals, you’ll never do anything.

What inspires you?
Other people to be honest, love seen ordinary people like myself taking part in these type of events, for me its about taking part, times are nice to keep improving but finishing is what I’m most happy with.

Also love to talk to some of the serious competitors, fascinating the amount of training and preparation that goes into them.

Aware IrelandWhat’s the plans for the upcoming calendar year?
Busy year well kind off, busy for me. Gaelforce Connemara courtesy of Kayathlon, Quest Glendalough, then in may taking part in Ireland four peaks challenge with 100 other Gardai, PSNI and NYPD officers, raising money for AWARE.

Dingle in June, quiet July then booked in for Off The Bloom in august and also Killarney ultimate high peaks challenge, that’s it so far,  going to try a few of the longer expert races and see can i finish them ok.

What music are you currently listening to when out?
Listen to anything really but like my folk music, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, but anything really Jack L, Imelda May,

Runner of choice?
Salomon speedcross 3 on the hills or at races, and road runners are new balance 1080 v7.

Don’t do that much hill or road running currently. Suffer day after with knees and ankles don’t see anywhere for crutches of choice.

Bike of choice?
I use a cannondale cyclocross caadx, for what i do on it, does me fine with a change of tyre type depending on what im doing.

Week before race…what do you do?
For me not a whole pile to be honest, couple of laps of Hill of Tara, short cycle 2okm something like that.

Morning of race…what do you do?
Like to get a decent breakfast, porridge banana etc…

Any race superstitions?
None at all

Any embarrassing moments you wish to share?
Few outside of adventure racing ok but no not in racing.

Ideal distance?
Have done good few sport adventure races so looking for another challenge not able to go much faster so going longer is the plan.

Post-race…do you spoil yourself, if so, how?
Oh yeah, few good old pints of Guinness and nice food.

Aware IrelandAny funny anecdotes?
Not funny but a lad i know said to me one day when i was complaining  “ no one ever drowned in sweat”

Strangest thing you have seen on a race?
Guess we all seen the lady in Achill with the basket with flowers on her bike, have also seen two people getting onto kayak and sitting in opposite

(OK, enough is enough, this is the 3rd time in 4 weeks, that we have heard of this mysterious woman…I will make it my mission to interview her…if anyone knows who she is, please get in touch)

Most beautiful scenery?
For me anywhere in Kerry, recently spent some time in the Mournes, fab up there too

Hydration/Gels? Do you use them? Do you use any particular brands?

A little bit, i like max carb energy drink for my bottles, blackcurrant flavour for me use it for gym sessions,hikes  runs etc

Don’t use gels so much but also use power bar gel shots cola

Multisport IrelandSporting Hero?

A few Paul O’Connell, Roy Keane, Brian O’Driscoll

Advice for absolute beginners?
Would class myself as a beginner, Im far from an athlete but I try. Don’t think about it just get out and do it, talk to people taking part, everyone starts somewhere. If I can do it anyone can.

Is there a link or site where people can donate?
Yes this is a link to my sponsorship page, any donation is much appreciated. 131


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