Every once in a while a story comes along that makes you stop and think. A story that puts your own stuff into perspective. This story I talk about is the story of an Irish man. But not just any man. A man who wants to be in charge of his own destiny despite the odds. A man not willing to sit down and feel sorry for himself. This man is Liam Delahunty. Liam suffers from MS but race after race, shows MS that it wont hold him back.

Let me give you an example. Last year, Liam took on the Quest Glendalough 19km route (whilst also carrying an injury) and finished 3rd. For me, Liam embodies the spirit of adventure and I was fortunate enough to catch up with Liam and get an incite to what drives him.



What is your name?
Liam Delahunty

How old are you?

Where are you from?

Area Sales Manager

For all our viewers who don’t know you, can you tell us a little more about you, your inspirational story surrounding your illness and your unbelievable never say die attitude!
Father of 4 .. Have multiple sclerosis 10 years now. In 2014 it turned my life around and made up my mind to get fit to pull myself out of depression. Little did I know it would be a game changer for me. Setting myself a small challenge for doing 24 adventure races

What got you into Adventure Racing
I want to try something different that took me to places Id normally wouldn’t go

How many races have you done?

40+ Races to date

Adventure Races

When was your first race?
Quest Killarney

Which race was it?

It was the sport

Favorite race?
Quest Achill

Dream race?
My Dream race would be ITERA Expedition Race

What inspires you?
The challenge and pushing my body to its limit while having an incurable condition.

What’s the plans for the upcoming calendar year?
The big one would be TAW race 2500kms of unsupported cycling fingers crossed to do it in 10days. The all the quest races and Moxie

What music are you currently listening to when out?
Don’t really listen to music when out training.

SolomonRunner of choice?
Karrimor D30 trail runners

Bike of choice?
Fondriest TF2

Week before race…what do you do?
Try to relax .. two short spins on the bike and maybe a quick trail run on Mount Leinster.

Morning of race…what do you do?
Make sure I have everything with me and get a good feed into me.

Any race superstitions?
Always tie my right runner first .

Any embarrassing moments you wish to share?
I’d have a few lol. Most resent one was Quest back in October when I got changed into my gear still half asleep went down to breakfast and on the way out the door copped I had my cycling shorts inside out

Ideal distance?

Post-race…do you spoil yourself, if so, how?
Simple a few of those alcoholic apple juices.

Any funny anecdotes?
Yes been hit by a squirrel while on the bike doing Quest last March

Strangest thing you have seen on a race?
Achill last year when two people got in the kayak the wrong way round

Most beautiful scenery?
Has to be Glendalough – AchillThe BlackValley and Clare Island

Hydration/Gels? Do you use them? Do you use any particular brands?
I don’t use them anymore .

Colin McRaeSporting Hero?
Colin Mcrae .. If in doubt, flat out!

Advice for absolute beginners?
Pace yourself at the start of the race and it will be more enjoyable. Enjoy yourself you will quickly release the fun side to it and the support you’ll get from other people

Do you have a website/facebook/Instagram page where we can follow you and your amazing adventures?

Yes . www.facebook.com/Liamschallenge

Instagram: liamdelahunty

Tweeter: RunwithLiam