1. Injury prevention

In order to minimize the opportunity of getting injured, you should really try and get off the hard surfaces. Those high impact surfaces. The ones that batter the joints i.e. concrete, tarmac. Over time these will absolutely crucify the body.

2. A change is always good

Monotony can be killer. Motivation levels can seriously drop when faced with the same old slog night after night. So get off the roads and hit the trails. Stay visually & mentally stimulated with new ever changing environments. It always makes training easier.

3. See the world

Say goodbye to the concrete jungles and own the wilderness. We live in one of the greenest countries in the world, why not get out there and embrace it!

4. Get away from it all

If you work in a built up area, concrete can be a subconscious reminder of work troubles. By getting away from it, you leave them behind. Fill your lungs with healthy fresh (non-toxic city) air and feel your stresses melt away.

5. Hill running is great for cycling training!

What? Yes, that’s right. You use the some of the same muscle groups to run up hills as you do to cycle. So if you struggle to get free time to train for all the disciplines in an adventure races, kill two birds with the one stone and hit the hills. But remember there is no substitute for actual cycling training 🙂