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Half Marathon Mick – Earns His Stripes

Did Half-Marathon Mick become a true Half-Marathon veteran last weekend? Yes I did!

After three months of gruelling training, 60 sweat-filled kilometers worth of races, and enough preand-post-race fry-ups, Weetabix, bananas, soups and sandwiches to fill the hungry belly of a sumo wrestler, I finally tore across the line and snatched up the all-important Half-Marathon medal at the Barrington’s Hospital Great Limerick Run.

Half Marathon MedalYes, Half-Marathon Mick has truly earned his stripes! Last Sunday 30th April 2017 I kicked off my first Half-Marathon at Pery Square in Limerick City. Myself and several hundred other eager competitors began with a rough 10 kilometer jog out to Raheen.

We then circled back towards the city and hit the half-way mark as we ran through into O’Connell Street. Crossing over Sarsfield Bridge, we then made our way out towards the Gaelic Grounds where we hit the 16 kilometer mark.

It was there, passing by the stadium, that the small ripples of tiredness gradually built up into waves of exhaustion. But Half-Marathon Mick is a stronger man that that! I pushed myself onwards and struggled through the last few housing estates.

A short distance later I hit the ‘1 Kilometer Left’ sign as I neared Sarsfield Bridge again. This was it, the final stretch!

I mustered up the last few ounces of energy in my body, jogged up past the cheering crowds on O’Connell Street, and broke through the finish line with an epic time of 1 hour and 58 mins. Yep, not only did I complete the Half-Marathon, I also came in under my goal time of 2 hours!

My feet were in immense pain and my body was ready to collapse but the achievement was unlocked! One year on from my first 10 kilometre race I’m now a Half-Marathon veteran!

Thanks to everyone who’s read this blog over the last few months and big thanks to Kayathlon.ie for publishing them! I’ve booked myself in for Quest Achill in September so might return to the blogosphere soon when my training begins.


(An essential tune for every runner. It blared out from my earphones as I approached the finish line. I couldn’t have asked for a better soundtrack to celebrate!)


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