The Inside Track – Gaelforce West

//The Inside Track – Gaelforce West

The Inside Track – Gaelforce West

Alas the iconic Gaelforce West is almost upon us. For some, this is one of the first adventure races they have taken part in. Certainly one of the most demanding. A course that pulls no punches. Measured at an impressive 67km, which takes in, amongst other things, a scramble up Croagh Patrick, many consider this not a race but an endurance. Only the fittest of the fit, will tackle this with a gung ho approach and all turbos blazing. This is, for the majority, about completion and the sense of overwhelming achievement of crossing the line. And rest assured for you first timers out there, you will get that, by the bucket load!!!

So, I asked the guys from Killary Gaelforce if they could break the course down for all the newcomers…and they did just that…

I hope your taking notes 🙂

Gaelforce West takes place a bit earlier this year and it promises to be another amazing event.

With hopes of better June weather there is a huge buzz amongst event organisers Killary Gaelforce, for this years event.

Westport is holding their annual Food festival on the weekend of the event which will add to the atmosphere around the town, with loads of activities for all the family….so no one gets bored!

There are a lot of return competitors taking part to try to get better pbs or to outdo their familiar rivals but there are some new faces emerging this year in the Adventure Racing scene and we look forward to watching how things will progress on the day – a puncture on the day can completely change the game!

The course is always a challenge on Gaelforce West but every now and then take time to look around and take in the mystical views.

Try not to breakdown the course into kilometres – it is always better to break it down in time. So say to yourself I will do the first run in 1.5hours, the kayak in 15mins, the second run in 30mins and so forth (times estimated) – this will make it easier on you mentally as you will not be checking your distances constantly. Only you know what you are capable of so run and cycle to your own pace.

Your first 15km will take you from the stunning Glassilaun beach in Connemara, a stunning trail run along the south shores of Killary Fjord and then a Kayak across to Co. Mayo on the north shore of the FJord, just under the majesty of Mweelrea! You don’t have to run up that mountain today!

You will then have a short run to Delphi Farm where you will pick up your bike and take off on the first part of the cycle.

The first cycle has 1 decent climb approx 10km in but the view from the top is very worth it.

Croagh Patrick is always a lovely climb – everyone has their own thoughts and memories going up and down and it’s a nice time to get some food into you and to chat to your fellow adventurers.

The second cycle brings a short section which is rough under food and for anyone with a road bike you will have to walk this section for sure.

The route is as with previous years with a small change to the final cycle – which will now take you into town with only a short run across the finish line – this will be a welcome change for the tired legs coming off the bikes with 66km behind you.

Read the full course breakdown here

Full details can be found on the website

Registration closes at midday on Thursday 22nd of June.

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