Every now and again, we stumble across something different and that we could use in our outdoor adventures ?. While Adventure Racing is our primary outlet and what we mostly do…we can also be found spending days out hiking in the Mournes, the Wicklow Mountains, the Maamturks, The Reeks, Comeraghs…actually, you could find us anywhere!!! We’ve been know to head out in the wilderness camping for a day or two as well ?, so when we came across adventure food, we knew we could be on to a winner…hot, nutritious food in minutes…and when you are miles from nowhere and cold and hungry, something like that really hits the spot ?

…Also got us thinking that this could be an ideal addition to your transition box on one of the longer Adventure races, after 12 or 15 hours on the go some hot food might be just the pick up needed!

We tried out a few different products from Team Alpha, check out the Adventure food range….and if you use discount code ‘Kayathlon’ you’ll get 10% off!

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