About the Series

It’s time to dust off the cobwebs of your favorite onesy, oil that bike chain and get racing once more! We are delighted to announce the Kayathlon Virtual Race Series. With actual races still a few months off, we have created a racing series to help keep you fit and ready for when we can toe the line again.

Series Overview

  • All races events must be done within Government Lockdown Guidelines
  • There will be 8 rounds held over pre-determined weekends. See table below
  • Each weekend you will need to complete a run of varying distances, which will be announced the Thursday night prior to each Virtual Race Weekend.
  • Each activity can be run on either day of that weekend. e.g. Run between Friday midnight and Sunday 9pm GMT
  • You must upload/send on your time before Sunday midnight. Uploads after this time will not be accepted
  • You can compete in all 8 rounds where the best 6 sets of results will go towards your overall league standing at the end of the series.
  • In case of duathlon, each activity does not need to be back to back. e.g. Run on Saturday or Sunday
  • In case of duathlon, your total weekends times will be added to form your overall time.
  • A maximum of 50 points are up for grabs each week. Full Scoring matrix explained below

Results and tables will be published the following days after each event weekend.

Round 1: 06/02/21 – 07/02/21

How to Join

It couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Head over to Strava and join the Virtual Series Group.
  2. Weekly events will be created and you just need to acknowledge your interest

Your times will be automatically uploaded to the group once you complete your run.

Are you on Garmin instead. That’s not a problem, just email your run link to info@kayathlon.ie

Or share it on instagram, tagging @kayathlonireland. https://www.instagram.com/kayathlonireland/

Race Schedule

Week No Date Distance Status
1 06/07 Feb Run 5km.
2 13/14 Feb Run 7km
3 20/21 Feb Run 10km
4 27/28 Feb Duathlon
5 06/07 Mar Mystery Challenge
6 13/14 Mar Run 6km
7 20/21 Mar Run 8km
8 27/28 Mar Duathlon

Scoring Matrix

  1. Best time each weekend gets 50 Points
  2. 2nd – 49pts, 3rd – 48pts, 4th – 47pts and so down to 45th & 5points awarded thereafter
  3. The judges decisions are final.
  4. By taking part, you agree to all of the above.

Important Rules & Regulations

While we want to keep this as straight forward and hassle free as possible, if you want to compete you must adhere to the following rules

Please read

  1. All activities must be complete in coherence with Government Lockdown Guidelines
  2. Any runs on treadmills are allowed but wont be counted on the overall leaderboard.
  3. Runs can be on road, trail, sand or cross country
  4. Any manual uploads to Strava will not be counted
  5. This is not an insured event. You will take part at 100% your own risk.
  6. Your times will be automatically uploaded to the group once you complete your run and cannot be edited. You need to set your profile to “Public”.
  7. This series has been designed to keep us active, healthy and have a bit of craic. While it is competitive, fair play and good common sense are a prerequisite.
  8. The judges decisions are final and reserve the right to entry & dismissal so don’t be a d!ck.
  9. By taking part, you agree to all of the above.

We will compile the times and release the leaderboard during the following week.

3km Speed Challenge

A separate competition will be run over the 8 weeks to accommodate the speed merchants out there. Over each weekend, you can upload a 3km run. The fastest time recorded will win overall. A table of times will also be compiled and published. Only rule is, the run needs to have positive vert i.e. its not a downhill run. Best of luck!

Uploading Your Run

  • Once you are a member of our Strava Club Group, your time should automatically upload into it, when you load it to Strava. Within the Club there are “Events” for each weekend day i.e. Run on Saturday and Sunday. Simply mark your “Interest” on which day you want to do your run. If unsure which one, just mark down in both.
  • Please make sure your profile is set to “Public” not “Private”. If you want to remain “Private” that is fine, just email a screengrab of your run to info@kayathlon.ie
  • If you are the kind of person who likes to get out a couple of times a weekend, please title your run as “Kayathlon.ie Virtual Race Series” so we know which run is the correct one.
  • It’s up to you to stop your clock at 5km…and it has to be equal or greater than 5k, so 4.99km is not counted but if you run e.g. 5.23km then that’s the time you get recorded, we are not going to try and figure out what 5k exact would have been.
  • Elapsed time needs to be counted: There is a assumption of honesty here….so no Ross Barkley 5k’s…..ie sprinting and pausing your watch for a break in between. We will be doing spot checks so if found, you will be removed from the series.

Not on Strava?

  • Not to worry. You can still be take part. Simply email us with a screenshot or link to your run. Like above, make sure your profile is set to “Public”
  • Email address: info@kayathlon.ie