The Story of Kayathlon

The Kayathlon story began on an early October 2015 Saturday morning and I haven’t looked back since. Roll back 10 years. Due to a back injury, my football days ended (although some may argue my best days had already passed). I could no longer shift the tackles and had to hang up the boots. Forward 10 years and now carrying the excesses of my late 30’s, I made a choice, it’s time to get rid of this midlife midriff that was beginning to show. So with the New Year and resolutions to boot, I started out light jogging. In passing, in conversation with a fellow work colleague, he mentioned a race that was happening; an adventure race of sorts. I was always put off these kind of races, even in my fit days, as I couldn’t swim very well and thoughts of dipping into the freezing Irish sea was never something to take my interest. But this race was different: Kayaking, not swimming, coupled with running and cycling. I’ll have some of this, I thought. I signed up for the race. My fath was now in my hands.

With a long lost youthful exuberance, I set off and little did I know I would be here now, writing my story, on my own website. I will be the first to admit, the first few weeks were hellish, but the rewards – mental and physical – were priceless. I started to shed the pounds, got fit and as a person my outlook on life changed.

The training plan was now in full flow. Running and cycling and eating healthy. The big day arrived. The anticipation was like that of 2 minutes before the throw in of a county final. The nerves were hopping. For the next 3 hours and 31 minutes, all the training, all the discipline came into effect. I loved every minute of it. I was hooked. Flat out on my feet for the last 2km, an indescribable surge of energy hit me. Experts have described this as an endorphin release. I was running, almost sprinting to that finish line. I will be the first to admit a tear of joy and happiness rolled down my face as I came across that finish line, my finish line. I did it.

Anyone i have spoken to who has completed an adventure race, can relate on some level to this. But why take my word for it, there are races all over the country. Each race has different fitness levels to cater for everyone, from beginner to professional. Check out the event guide. Start your own adventure…today! is a site dedicated to these adventure races that are now taking the country by storm. I will be bringing you all the essential information, tips and tricks, gear reviews that you will need to help you get to your finish line.

Reasons why you should start your adventure

      • You will get fit, get active
      • Location, location, location…With every adventure race, you are guaranteed unbelievable scenery and views
      • Body and mind adrenaline buzz
      • Great weekends, fantastic atmosphere, brilliant comradery, super after parties
      • Find out strengths you thought you never possessed

What Fellow Race Goers Say

Amazing experience. From start to finish, as I’m a beginner, I cannot recommend these adventure races enough. From sofa to finish line in no time at all and great craic along the way too!

David Mulligan - ex Coach Potato, Self Employed

After signingup last year for my first ever Adventure Race, my friends all thought i was mad. I have since completed 2 of them and am signed up already for 2017. BTW two of my friends have also now signed up. They wont regret it!

Dave OBrien - Accountant

You wont understand how good this is until you actually compete in one. Sign up, and you can thank me afterwards 😉

Mary Byrne - Secondary Teacher, Dun Laoighaire