Competitor Spotlight – Team West

The Why? How did the idea of forming a team come around? Is Team West the brain child of one person or like a lot of the best ideas, created on the back of beer mat between friends? Team West was formed in the main in 2021 by a group of athletes in the Mayo [...]

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Competitor Spotlight – Shane Herlihy & Caroline O’Rourke

Our next people to go under the spotlight are a husband & wife team. They show that having a can do attitude, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility. Oh and they have some awesome kids too! We got chatting to Shane and Caroline at Quest Killarney, and already knowing most of their backstory, [...]

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Ollie Kirwan – From the Race Directors Chair

We are accustomed to looking at events from the participants point of view, we do ‘competitor spotlight’ feature, we look at the experience they had doing the event, the moments that have brought them to this point, what impact the event may have had on their life, reasons why they choose this sport etc.... So [...]

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There aren’t too many people out there who look at Irelands toughest Adventure Race (The Race in Donegal – 250km of running, cycling and kayaking in 24hrs) and think “I wonder if I ask nicely will they let me do 2 back to back loops of the course”…It takes a certain type of athlete/gobshite to [...]

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Competitor Spotlight – Luke McMullan

So what can we say about our next racer to go under the spotlight. Although relatively new to the sport, his racing record is about as roller coaster as you can possibly get. Wins, DNF's, DQ's, stories of unheralded selflessness. It's all in there. Ladies and Gents, we give you Luke McMullan... SPOTLIGHT TIME WHERE [...]

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The Cavan Kayakarun – 10 Years On!

Community Is Everything Community is an important thing, it gives us our identity and helps define who we are. It gives us something to be proud about and it helps shape what we do. In Maudabawn, Co. Cavan 10 years ago in May 2010, a group of friends were having a pint and as [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Matt Casey

Our next competitor to go under the spotlight has an amazing backstory. Matt Casey shows us that having a "Because We Can" attitude, anything is possible. Read his inspiring story from one crash too many to podium. SPOTLIGHT TIME THE FORMALITIES: Matt Casey. Age 49. Husband to Trish. Dad to four girls. Adventure Racer. WHERE [...]

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Competitor Spotlight – Moire O’Sullivan

Author, mother, humanitarian & national racing champion. Moire O'Sullivan is literally top of her class. We were fortunate enough to shine the Competitor Spotlight on her. Hope you enjoy!!! What is your Name? Moire O’Sullivan Where are you from? Originally from Derry, but now live in Rostrevor, Co. Down. How old are you? 42 Occupation? [...]

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Competitor Spotlight – Aine Mahony

Fresh from her heroics at Gaelforce Dublin, we caught up with top ladies podium placer in the Expert route, Aine Mahony. She kindly agreed to go under the Spotlight. What is your name? Aine Mahony Where are you from? Cullahill, Co.Laois How old are you? 30 Occupation? Physiotherapist in the Mater University Hospital, Dublin What got you into Adventure [...]

Ann Horan’s Toughest Quest

Earlier this week I bumped into a jubilant podium placer in the Ladies Expert Race in Quest Killarney, Ann Horan. She had just come in third in the longest of  the courses. Previous to that, we briefly met after Quest Achill where Ann placed fourth. She seemed in extra high spirits this time around and as [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Barry Dempsey

The likelihood is that you have come across our next Competitor to go under the Spotlight. And the likelihood is that he will have had his camera out making the most of the awesome scenery. But don't mistake him for a photographer, this year he completed his 7th GaelForce West. He doesn't do things by [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Bernard Smyth

This weeks Competitor Spotlight is about a man who has an awesome job. Part of this job is getting people in tip top shape for Adventure Racing. He is regularly seen bringing hordes of adventures to races. He is good at his job. He is not bad at racing either ;) I give you Bernard [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Paul Kelly – Racing to Make a Difference!

This weeks Competitor Spotlight is a little different than our usual spotlight. Paul Kelly, a relative newcomer to the Adventure Racing scene, took up running only 4 years and has come a long way since those first faithful steps. The work he is doing simply cannot go unnoticed. It's a subject that sadly is coming [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Owen Fletcher

Competitor Spotlight - Week 15 - Owen Fletcher. A couple of weeks back, we held a draw for 2 pairs of Columbia Montrails runners and one of winners pretty much photo-documented himself trialing them out. Some of the imagery was stunning & some was quite funny. Part of the prize was a free entry to [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Nigel McCord

Competitor Spotlight - Week 14. It has been a while but the competitor spotlight is back and we have a few beauties lined up. First up, is a man from Carlow who saw the craic his mates were having Adventure racing and said he would have some of that...and has looked back since. I give [...]

Dave Gowan – Taking Control – His Inspiring Story

A while back in conjunction with Quest held a competition for a free entry to Quest Glendalough. The winner was chosen at random. The winner was a guy called Dave Gowan. Not only did Dave win the draw, he won the blooming race too. After the dust settled, I spoke to Dave and well, [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Barry Cronin

Competitor Spotlight - Week 11. Ever wondered what it takes to dine at the top table of Adventure Racing. To be regularly spotted in podium position photo. Well Barry Cronin, has taken the time out of his hectic schedule to let us know what he does in order to "Deliver the goods" each time (cryptic). [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Lucy Pye

Competitor Spotlight - Week 10. This weeks spotlight moves to the Mourne county...Co. Down. Lucy Pye. Now a  regular on the Adventure Race circuit, Lucy is a self confessed outdoorsy nut, some one who just cant sit still. A perfect recipe for multi-sport racing...And lets just say the rest is history :) How old are you? [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Mark Young

Competitor Spotlight - Week 9. This weeks spotlights moves to the rebel county...Cork. Mark Young, who is clocking up events nicely, goes under the light next... Enjoy :) What is your name? Mark Young How old are you? 37 Where are you from? Near Bandon in West Cork What got you into Adventure/Multi-sport racing? What [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Greg Dillon (audio)

Listen to Our Podcast With Endurance FM Since the site was launched back in early January, I have been shining a spotlight on competitors (of all levels/standards) and it has been a great success. But in doing so, I have been asked each and every time when will I put myself under the spotlight. So [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Margaret Erwin

Competitor Spotlight - Week 7. Our next competitor to go under the spotlight is our first lady to do so. Margaret "Mags" Erwin. She is an all action, straight talking, self professed chatterbox with a zest for life! Enjoy :) What is your name? Margaret Erwin..(Mags) You should never ask a lady her age…but if [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Padraig O’Connor

Competitor Spotlight - Week 6. Our next competitor to go under the spotlight approached me at Quest Glendalough last Saturday out of the hustle and bustle of excited racers doing last minute checks, warm ups and carb intakes. From answering race query online earlier in the week, Padraig spotted my branded base layer top and came [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Outdoorsy Guy…Ciarán McCann

Competitor Spotlight - Week 5. With Quest Glendalough looming, I began to research actual footage of trails of Wicklow on Youtube and came across a channel by a fella called "Outdoorsy Guy". Turns out he is an Irish guy who has done a good few races on the circuit. Really worthwhile checking his channel out. Some [...]

The Story of Liam Delahunty – Prepare to be Inspired!

Every once in a while a story comes along that makes you stop and think. A story that puts your own stuff into perspective. This story I talk about is the story of an Irish man. But not just any man. A man who wants to be in charge of his own destiny despite the odds. [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Shane Flannery

Competitor Spotlight - Week 4. So recently, teamed up with Killary Gaelforce to run a competition to win a couple of free entries to Gaelforce Connemara on the 6th of May. From our hat, we pulled out the name of Shane Flannery. It transpires that Shane is doing a wee little challenge called the [...]

Introducing Mike Jones, Our New Blogger

Introducing Mike Jones Adventurer, Our New Blogger. I mentioned a while back that our blog would soon be joined by a man who frankly encapsulates the adventurous spirit. If you were to ask anyone who knows Mike, of his whereabouts, they would point you in the direction of the water, a mountain or something that involves [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Denis O’Sullivan

Competitor Spotlight - Week 2. I was up on our Instagram page and my eyes were drawn towards a picture of huge hoard of Adventure Race medals. They belonged to a guy called Denis O'Sullivan.  To say I was impressed was an understatement...there was definite medal envy in there too. And as if big brother was watching, [...]

Competitor Spotlight – Jonathan O’Meara

The site has been live now for 2 months and we have been banging on about how good Adventure/Multi-sport racing.  So we have decided to call on other racers to give their opinions and why its so great. First up is Jonathan O'Meara. Jonathan, in 2015 made the leap from the ranks of triathlon to Adventure racing. Since then, [...]

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