Competitor Spotlight – Week 7.

Our next competitor to go under the spotlight is our first lady to do so. Margaret “Mags” Erwin. She is an all action, straight talking, self professed chatterbox with a zest for life!

Enjoy 🙂

18109705_419588465075289_1800205969_nWhat is your name?
Margaret Erwin..(Mags)

You should never ask a lady her age…but if you don’t ask…?
Can’t hear you? What are u saying?

Where are you from?
County Fermanagh.

You are not only the first lady to go under the spotlight, you had a very interesting occupational first for a female. Can you tell us a bit more about that?
I feel honored that I’m the first female…thank you….the first job that I loved had every conceivable challenge that could be thrown at a female…i was an oil tanker driver for 9 years..first few years i drove 6 and eight wheelers..then I moved up to Belfast to work because I wanted to drive the articulated bulk oil tankers…it was the most physically challenging job…I loved it…it had the perfect mix of driving, hard work and social interaction to keep me going…There was not one single matter how hard/demanding it got that i ever wanted to give up…

What got you into Adventure/Multi-sport racing?
It was a choice between a triathlon and quest friends and i were looking for new events..when we googled Glendalough we saw the race, photos of the area and of course the cycling tops and the bling so we entered…little did i know i would fall in love with adventure racing and trails from that day

How many races have you done? 
I’ve done only 6 so far…the distance and time from home are the main reason its only 6.

When was your first race? 

Which race was it?
Quest Glendalough

Favorite race?

Theres no, one answer to this…each race has unique qualities that make it amazing…
Moxie has thee most spectacular run down off a mountain I’ve ever experienced..great running terrain, through a farm, onto the road a few metres, into a steam, under a bridge out into field and there is the beach with the sight of kayaks ahead….
Glendalough…has thee most breathtaking views, incredible running through the heather at the top of the mountain. Followed by the fastest downhill cycle I’ve ever recorded.
Achill for the spectacular beach to run on….

Sea2Summit for the amount of transitions..the challenging Croagh Patrick and the camaraderie throughout the whole event.


Dream race?
That would be any of the races i havent yet entered.

What inspires you?
My 11 yr old brother Paul who died in a cycling accident inspires me…We had been swimming in the lake and had been cycling that day when he was knocked down..he lived 5 days ( mainly to find suitable donors ) before he died.. As i was only 9 at the time, i always feel closest to my brother when i am out enjoying sports.. I jump over every finish line..its my tribute to Paul for keeping me safe during every event.

What’s the plans for the upcoming calendar year?
I want to enter into races i have not tried..adventure and triathlons.. My aim is to complete an Olympic and a Half Iron man before the end of the year..and ive entered into Connemara 140km cycle at the end of May with my local Clones Cycling Club.

What music are you currently listening to when out?
I never listen to music..I’m too busy chatting…and if I’m on my own i enjoy the scenery.

Runner of choice?
Adidas boost for all road running and Speedcross 3 for the trails.

Bike of choice?
Trek Domane..i would love to upgrade my wheels for  my longest cycle though.

Week before race…what do you do?
Early in the week i do a fairly long bike ride..two short runs and go swimming to keep muscles strong and cardio up.

Morning of race…what do you do?
I eat porridge as normal, fruit, coffee and toast…

Any race superstitions?
None. Im either too lazy or too laid back to be superstitious.

Any embarrassing moments you wish to share?
Oh with me i have a phrase to cover that….There’s always a story…and that i will tell face to face …

18136850_419591015075034_916614735_nIdeal distance?
I love the sports distance in these races. It allows me time to completely enjoy the race and still be back in time to enjoy the important social aspect to all these races.

Post-race…do you spoil yourself, if so, how?
No i haven’t spoiled myself after…As a mum of 3 the fact that i was able to get away the night before a race and compete the following day Is all the spoiling i could ask for.

Any funny anecdotes?
My very first try a tri, I had entered into with my 2 friends…it was a swim start few hundred meters in the lake from the shore…as we were swimming over one of the girls called out, Oh i found a really warm spot. I immediately looked to see who had just swam in front of red faced male spotted.. Then 2nd friend called out..Move over I’m coming over to join you… At this point i called out…No…girls…no…warm water is NOT your friend in a LAKE.!!! At this point all the participants in the lake started laughing when the girls realized where this amazing warm spot had come from.

Strangest thing you have seen on a race?
That would just be me.!!

18109767_419590838408385_1596938074_nMost beautiful scenery?

Hydration/Gels? Do you use them? Do you use any particular brands?
Zero tablet in my water bottle and homemade energy bars…I detest gels….but have had to use them during marathons so i find squeezing the gel into the water bottle an easier way to take them. Needs must.

Do you use a GPS watch?
Garmin watch that covers swimming, running and cycling etc..

Sporting Hero?
My cousin Tony McEntee..He loves all sports. Encourages those that participate on any level in any sport…He’s the most encouraging, fit , humble person I know….and I admire him for all those qualities…and who is about the only person I know that completely understands that doing just one sport is normal.

Advice for absolute beginners?
I would advise them to enter into the short race the first time..Don’t worry about times.. Take your friends along too to enjoy the day.. Take photographs, laugh and enjoy the whole experience….The only person who will limit you….is you !

Do you have any social media links we can follow your progress on?
No links as such. Just my facebook page and Instagram.



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