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The Dingle DAR 24 Hour Team Race

The Dingle DAR 24 hour team race will start at around 10am on Sat 2nd and 3rd July and teams must have made the finish line by 24 hours later, 10am Sunday.

Teams will have mandatory check points to get with options of extra bonus points to collect if they can, Teams can choose their own routes and there may be some out of bounds areas. The team with the most points by the finish will win. Points will be deducted from any teams late to the finish. The course will involve orienteering, kayak, Mountain biking, hiking and bonus activities. Map of course not given out until morning of the race. Winning team expected to cover around 300km of all activities. Example of kilometers MTB 130, hiking 45, orienteering 15, kayaking 10-15.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1st female team and 1st mixed team.

More details to be announced