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Course Details:

DAR Mini: 21.5Km

DAR Sport: 43Km

DAR Full: 75Km


New to Adventure Racing and multi sport events, then give it a go with the DAR mini, this will give you a taste of running, biking, kayaking and the atmosphere that is invloved at these great events. You don’t have to be very fit for the mini, just willing to give it a go. Course for the mini is; 8km cyle from Dingle to Ventry beach, Run Ventry beach 5km, Cycle back to Dingle 6km, 0.7 run to kayak, 1km kayak and 1km Run to Finish. Total 21km


1. Cycle 8km Dingle to Ventry     Distance 8km / 5 mls   Height Gain 80m  Height Loss 80m

2. Beach Run. Ventry Beach.  Distance 5km / 3.2mls  Height Gain 0m  Height Loss 0m

All of the Run is on the beach with a few stream crossings

Kayak. Milltown.  Distance 1km / 0.7 mls  Height Loss or Gain 0 & 400m run to bike transition

3. Cycle: Ventry to Dingle via back road.    Distance 6km / 4 mls   Height Gain 80m  Height Loss 80m

All of cycle is on surfaced roads.

5. Rack bike at transition Milltown, run 700m to kayak, kayak 1km.

6. Run 1km to Finish. e  Dingle.    Distance 1km / 0.7mls    Height Gain 0m  Height Loss 10m

DAR Sport  Total Distance 21km  / 13 mls   Height Gain 160m / 500ft  Height Loss 160m / 500ft


DAR Sport takes a spectacular route around the western point of the Dingle Peninsula and Ireland. DAR Sport, 08.30 Start; Total Distance 43km with 800m total ascent. Competitors will start on their bikes at Dingle Marina. It will be a rolling start for the first 1km cycle before cycling (21km) around Slea Head> hike or run (7.5km) Mt Eagle and cycle (11.5km) back to Dingle via Ventry, rack bikes at transition at Milltown before (0.7km) run to kayak. Kayak 1km in double sit-on-tops before final run 1km to Finish line in Dingle Marina.


1. Cycle: Dingle to Mt Eagle via Slea head.  Distance 21km / 13 mls   Height Gain 310m  Height Loss 140m

2. Hike / Mountain Run. Mt Eagle. Distance 7.5km / 4.5mls  Height Gain 390m  Height Loss 390m

All of Mountain Hike Run is on rough trails.

3. Cycle: Mt Eagle to Dingle via Ventry. Distance 11.5km / 7 mls   Height Gain 100m  Height Loss 270m

All of cycle is on surfaced roads.

4. Run to Kayak. Rack bike at transition at Milltown, Run .7km to kayak and kayak 1km.  Distance 1.7km / 1 mls  Height Loss or Gain 0

5 Run 1km to finish at Dingle Marina. Distance 1km / 0.6 mls  Height Loss or Gain 0

DAR Sport  Total Distance 43km  /  27 mls   Height Gain 800m / 2,640ft  Height Loss 800m / 2,640ft


DAR: 11th year for DAR, The 45 mile/ 73km course will take you to some of the best gems on the Dingle peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Biking around Slea head, following in the footsteps of St Brandon climbing Ireland’s second highest Mountain range Mt Brandon and kayaking in Dingle Harbour.


1. Run 1km to the kayaks, kayak 1km on double sit on tops kayak, run 700m to bike transition (T1)    Distance 2.7km / 1.6 mls   Height Gain 10m  Height Loss 0m

2. Cycle 43km around the Slea head drive to the Bike transiton (T2) at the foot of Mt Brandon at Baile Breac.  Distance 43km / 27mls  Height Gain 300m  Height Loss 260m

All of cycle is on surfaced public roads.

3. Mt Brandon Run/Hike, this is a super 15.5km loop around Irelands second highest mountain range. 5km Hike will get you to the summit of Mt Brandon before a super ridge to get you on the Dingle way walking trail. (first 5km will see alot of competitors hike this before running the next 10.5km section which is very runable)

All of Mountain Hike Run is on rough mountain paths/trails.

4. Cycle 9km / 6mls from Baile Breac Trasntion (T2) to bike Transition (T1/3) at Milltown/Dingle.  Distance 9km / 6 mls  Height Gain 60m Loss 100 & Rack bike before final 1 km run to finish line at Dingle marina.

Total Distance 73km  /  45.5 mls   Height Gain 1490m / 4,910ft  Height Loss 1490m / 4,910f