30 Commonly Used Buzz Words in Adventure Racing

If you are a first timer to Adventure Racing, you might be wondering what the hell everyone was spouting on about. Well get ahead of them and drop a few of these beauties into your next AR related conversation…transition seamless ūüėČ

  1. Barkley – A course that is just insanely hard just like the Barkley marathons
  2. Beast – Someone who races at break neck speed with no off or slow down button…ever
  3. Beast mode – Usually refers to those of us who go ape sh!t training for a week in the run up of a race.
  4. Black Toe – Usually acquired after continual abrasion of the toes, usually caused by ill fitting shoes or near hypothermic conditions. For some, a trophy and bragging right from conquests past
  5. Bling – Refers to your finishers medal or if your lucky enough podium trophy
  6. Bonk – running out of energy, nutrition resulting in legs turning to jelly
  7. Brick Training – training sessions comprising of quick cycles, followed by runs and repeat. Great for practicing transitioning between stages of a race, getting leg muscles acclimatized
  8. Chub Rub – Chaffing in the groin region
  9. Crop Duster/dusting –¬†A farter or the act of exercising ones bowels, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake
  10. Crushing it – Usually a term of phrase used by a supporter or well wisher to drive you on…”Dude, You are crushing it!”
  11. DFL – Dead Fuppin’ Last
  12. DNF – Did Not Finish
  13. DNQ – Did Not Quit. You may have finished the race after the alotted time but you didn’t throw in the towel
  14. DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  15. Drafting – The art of letting the fella(cyclist) in front of you take the brunt of the wind, while you get up close behind and conserve your energy.
  16. FKT – Fastest Known Time. A track/race time record
  17. Gaasnot –¬†Pronounced Gah¬†snot. The art of emptying the contents of a single nostril without breaking stride.
  18. GOAT – Greatest Of All Time. To be called a GOAT is a term that well, most of us actually dream of
  19. Gut Bomb РCramping or the need to suddenly jump into the nearest ditch as your stomach revolts against that last gel you knocked back. Try Tailwind
  20. Machine – Much like a beast, some with an engine that just goes on and on with no let up
  21. Newbie – A first timer to Adventure Racing
  22. Out and Back – A route on the course that covers the same route to the end point and back
  23. Quad Buster – A stretch of the course that will leave your legs screaming for a break
  24. Quads of the Gods – Some with upper legs like tree trunks
  25. Road kill – Not referring to a dead fox but a particularly treacherous stretch where there are competitors strung all over the road after their races coming to an untimely end
  26. Sandbagger –¬†The term has multiple uses, such as a driver who competes in an event in a series below their level of expertise to finish high. Let’s face we all know one of these
  27. Swag – The goodie bag and all it holds
  28. Taper РThe art of doing little to nothing in the days leading up to a race in order to preserve energy
  29. The Wall – Much like the bonk, where your body has been emptied itself of all its energy supply and you feel like you can’t go on…”I hit the dreaded¬†wall with 10k to go”
  30. Vert – The total amount of feet/meters you have climbed/cycled over the duration of a race/stage.