Back in mid October, whilst training for Sea2Summit, I injured myself on the trails and as a result was sofa bound. Before long boredom soon overtook me. I was climbing the walls. I hate sitting around. So I did what every self respecting injured outdoor enthusiast would do and scoured Netflix/Youtube in search of some outdoor style documentaries or movies to binge upon.

I stumbled across this next guy on Youtube and my boredom soon was a thing of a past. Before i knew it, my day had disappeared and I was absolutely transfixed at the mind blowing short documentaries.


He is an Australian ultra runner who makes fly on the wall style documentaries of his races, training and everything else in between that an ultra runner or athlete will encounter.

The cinematography is jaw droppingly good. You can really get the scale and majesty of some of the mountains and races he has been a part of, without having to leave the sofa.

Also, the music soundtracks used are great and just work. Too many times, outdoor style documentaries use scores that are forced and unbalanced and ultimately irritating. Not the case here. Like a nice trail, they just flow. I have rated this guy 10/10. Something I haven’t done before. And something I don’t do lightly. I usually recommend a documentary to watch but it’s hard to single any one out in particular as they seem to all hit the mark. From the races, to ones involving him just having lunch.

Instead, I will link you to his YouTube channel and let you pick for yourself. And with almost weekly video uploads, you won’t be left long for your next installment.

Dan has left me now hungrier than ever to get back on the trails and off this damn sofa but I might just have to watch perhaps one or two more as my injuries heal.

Click below to watch