With everything going on with this fun spoiling Covid-19, events are dropping faster than me with mid race cramp. But it’s a necessary precaution as the health and safety of competitors, friends and family nationwide will always take precedence over the events. We will be working along with event organizers nationwide to keep you abreast of each race as developments happen. Please find below a list of updated schedules.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Thus far, Gaelforce Events have announced their 2 events have new race dates. Gaelforce Connemara now, hopefully in its 10th year is to be run on July 18th and the classic Gaelforce West to be moved from June 20th to September 5th.

The actual event calendar has been updated accordingly. Stay tuned to this blog for regular updates. Bookmark the page (Ctrl+D).

Event Original Date New Date Status
The Race 13 March N/A Cancelled till 2021
Quest Glendalough 04 April TBC New date to be confirmed
Gaelforce Connemara 02 May 18 July Rescheduled
Gaelforce West 20 June 05 September Rescheduled
WAAR.ie 09 May 22 August Rescheduled

Remember: Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe, stay smart, social distance, wash those hands, look after yourself and your loved ones and we will see you soon at the starting line. 🙂