4 weeks gone and we have seen some brilliant results week after week, pbs every weekend…we have 3 hard final weeks with an 8k, a 6k and a final duathlon…so for week 5 (this week) we are doing a mystery event as promised….it’s a bit more light hearted but still have a nice competitive edge…and requires some decisions on your part!!!
This week there are 3 events to choose from. You can do 1 event or have a go at all 3 events if you want….but….you can only submit 1 event for consideration, there will be a separate points table for each of the events (so 50,49,48 etc for each event) and you will not know who else is in that events until the table are publish next Monday….so you have to choose carefully…you could finish 15th in your chosen event only to find out on Monday you could have won one of the other events…so choose wisely!!!

Event 1

Event 1:

Complete a 5k in the fastest time possible on foot using any method of your choosing…you can use the “sprint/pause the watch technique”, run down a hill or whatever you want…..for fun you can add a description of how you did it, eg “50 x 100 metre sprints down the steepest hill I could find with five minute rests in between while I vomited” – also known as the ‘Ross Barkley’ 5km

You have 1 hour to complete the activity (so your activity/elapsed time limit is 1 hour…over 60 mins is dq)

Event 2

Event 2:

Gain as much elevation as possible on foot in 60 minutes – you must finish in the same place you started within 60 minutes…Over 60 minutes is dq

Use whatever hill you have… it can be an up and down Croagh Patrick or it can be 50 repeats of the hill in your estate…or up and down your stairs!

Event 3

Event 3:

Greatest distance travelled on a bike(outdoors. Turbo trainer not permitted) in 2 hours – whatever route you want but you must try and finish a close as possible to your starting point – over 120 mins is dq

All activities must be carried out in accordance with Government Lockdown Restrictions. The judges decisions are final. As the cycle adds an extra element of inherent danger, we implore you to be extra vigilant and careful. This is NOT an insured event. By taking part, you and you alone are responsible for your own wellbeing and safety. Any injury, damage to property or theft is solely the responsibility of the participant. Kayathlon.ie will take no responsibility.

By taking part in the event, you take 100% agree to all of the above.