Last Sunday evening marked the start of an exciting chapter for sport in Ireland as Adventure Racing Ireland (ARI) was officially formed!?

ARI was conceived over the past 6 months by a group of outdoor enthusiasts and avid adventure racers who felt passionate about AR and want to grow, promote and develop the sport on the island of Ireland. They felt the sport needed some structure to help it grow and attract new participants, to drive inclusiveness and help both event organisers and participants to have an event calendar with events of the highest quality and ultimately establish a national governing body.
ARI aims to bring the adventure racing community on the island of Ireland together and to work collectively to develop this exciting sport….And aims to promote and develop both solo and team based adventure-racing formats.

And so the inaugural meeting was held on Sunday 18th Oct where over 70 adventure racing enthusiasts attended and formally adopted it’s constitution and elected 11 officers onto its first Executive Committee.

The new committee has many years of of experience in the sport and in sport development and adventure racing.

Chairperson:- Brendan O Brien
Vice Chair:- Richard Nunan
Secretary:- Susan Segar
Treasurer:- Sean Conroy
Communications / PRO:- Patrick Ward
T (Team) AR:- Lorraine Horan
S (Solo) AR:- Padraig O Connor
Event Coordinator & Development:- Paul Mahon
Environmental & Access:- Lonan O Farrell
Ordinary Members:- Cormac Mc Donnell & Jacqo Le Bourhis

We think this a fantastic initiative and one that all of us at are delighted with. One of the mains aims or philosophies of from day one, was to help grow and develop Adventure racing in Ireland as much as we possibly could and to see a formation of an official developmental sporting body brings us so much joy. This is huge for the sport and especially now in these strange and uncertain times it gives us hope that when we can get back there that there will be the races and events that we love to participate in!

Membership has also opened for a very reasonable annual fee of €35 which will see you covered till 31/12/21. A comprehensive membership package is in the works which will include training events, educational seminars and of course many excellent discounted offers for events and retail partners.
There is also a discounted membership rate for students, you just need to email

For more information, pop over to the site, designed by yours truly ?