A topic which will surely cause more ripples than the lakes of Killarney in the first week of October. We opened our extensive race jersey collection and after much debate have ranked our top 10 in order of preference…hold on tight…this is going to get messy…

10. Killarney Adventure Race ’15

It’s green & black. It’s simple and not overly complicated. Nice work!

9. Off The Bloom

Full of character. Just what you would expect from “The Faithful”

8. Achill ROAR

Seen nowadays about as many times as a snow leopard, this jersey was and still is gorge! A feast for the eyes if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse. (So rare, this was the only photo we could find of it 😉

7. Gaelforce Dublin ’19

In 2019, Gaelforce introduced a series of themed race jerseys for their 4 adventure races. Trying to choose which one we preferred was like the scene from “Sophies Choice”. All gorgeous but in the end went for Gaelforce Dublin version.

6. Dingle Adventure Race Yellow Jersey

Almost as famous as the Tour De France yellow, this is an iconic jersey of the adventure race and a must for any wardrobe. Over the years, the Dingle Adventure Race Crew have not strayed far from their winning formula of yellow jersey. We are sure there will be strong opinions on which yellow one is their best and for us this one tops the lot.

5. Quest Killarney ’17

Quest went all out here with the crayons here and created this vibrant Picasso. A definite favourite and widely loved jersey across the Adventure Racing community.

4. Dingle Adventure Race Gilet

Possibly a controversial entry at no.4 considering this is not technically a race jersey as such, but come on, for ingenuity alone. It has everything the aforementioned Dingle Yellow jersey has with the added wind breaking functionality.

3. Quest Killarney ’19

The guys are Quest are famed for their bright and beautiful coloured race jerseys but for this gem, they put the colour pallet away, turned back the clock, went all retro on our asses and boy, they did not disappoint. We are adamant this jersey will last and be seen for years to come, be it on Sunday spins, trail runs or big race days.

2. Wicklow AR 

This race was one from back in the early days of Irish Solo Adventure Racing and like the race itself, the jersey has gone down in the stuff of legend. A decade later, it’s still regularly seen on the AR circuit to this day. They are worn as sign of achievement, a sign you were there at the beginning and are always acknowledged as such. Also worn because they look so damn good.

1. Moxie AR ’17

Just look at it. Looooook!!! It’s a beauty. Simple. No further explanation required. 😉

Other Worthy Mentions