We recently ran a poll on our Facebook page to see how many of you were on Zwift. Results indicated that about 30% who replied were using it. A lower figure that actually surprised us due to the sudden hype around it and growth in global numbers. There has been a massive spike in numbers joining up as we were going to either be cocooning and staying at home while we all did our bit to beat Covid-19.

For those of you unfamiliar to Zwift. In a nutshell, it’s an online virtual prominently cycling (but running option) platform. You need a smart turbo trainer or treadmill, a towel and a drink (you will sweat buckets). There are up to 25000 participants at any one time. There are multiple worlds e.g Watopia, training routes e.g. simulations of the famous “Les Alpes D’Huez” climb and multiple races available and all are a subscription based service. Although there is a free 25km trial version available. As it stands, I do a weekly team time trial with other peeps, who compete in a league. We are not too serious, just more into the exercise part of it. But it goes right up to professional level or beast mode as I like to call it.

There are many social media groups out there to keep you in the loop of upcoming events. One of the better ones for our Irish Contingent is “Team IRL Cycling“. We recommend going over and checking these guys out as they seem to have it nailed. Tell them Kayathlon.ie sent you 😉

It kind of led me to think though, once the shackles of Covid have been released, will Zwift or any of its competitor platforms out there replace the Sunday spin. Some may argue that nothing replaces the real thing but when you wake up on the sabbath and it’s chucking down outside, will you be taking your bike down of the turbo trainer and hitting the hills in your best waterproofs or will you go for the easier option of the virtual spin in the comfort of your own home? Only time will tell…