The Reek is back! That’s right Croagh Patrick is back after a 4 year hiatus! It was off and then it was on, then it was off but finally it’s been confirmed, with huge thanks to all the wonderful work carried out by the Croagh Patrick stakeholders. Major renovations have/are been carried out on reducing the degradation from footfall throughout the years, by resurfacing different sections of the mountain.

The Reek was opened back up to racers during Sea 2 Summit in November 2022.

Full Route Breakdown


The start line is located at Lough Inagh Valley in Connemara. Run between the Maamturks and the 12 Bens in this stunning valley trail run  that will bring you out in the Coillte forests at the back of Killary Adventure Centre.


Kayak from the southern shore of Killary Fjord to its northern shore in a two-man sit-on-top with the next competitor to you.


Disembarking onto the foothills of Mweelrea, with tufted long grass and boggy holes underfoot. Next on to a laneway and eventually a narrow road leading you into the Delphi Valley.

Leaving the Delphi Valley and heading for Drummin, spectacular hills to climb and extreme care needed on the downhills. Expect severe corners and narrow country roads. On to a gradual climb up to the back of Croagh Patrick and the transition area. This entire section is now on sealed roads.


Croagh Patrick (764m). Stay on the path and take care on the top section of this mountain as it has a lot of loose stones. If you do not reach the transition at the bottom by 2.30pm, you will not be allowed to ascend the mountain and you will be short coursed back to Westport.

Gaelforce would like to acknowledge and thank all the land owners of the Croagh Patrick mountain for the continued support of Gaelforce West, without which the event could not happen

There is currently a Sustainable Access and Habitat Restoration project underway on it which aims to provide a robust path for access and to restore the eroded parts of the mountain. Gaelforce is working with and fully supports the Croagh Patrick Shareholder Group to protect the heritage and the landscape of the mountain. We ask that competitors do not use the Croagh Patrick to train for our race at any time. Gaelforce would like to share the ethos of care on Croagh Patrick with you our competitors. We ask that all competitors ensure that they ‘Leave No Trace’ on the mountain and that what they bring up with them MUST come down. We also encourage you to read the  Mayo Mountain Rescue Safety Guidelines for climbing Croagh Patrick.

Race day:
There will be a very strict policy on keeping to the defined path. Any deviation from any competitors from the path will result in instant disqualification.

This is to ensure the ongoing work to the path is not adversely affected in any way. We appreciate your compliance on this.

Please also be aware Gaelforce does not have exclusive use of the mountain on race day and competitors must be respectful of other users on the day.


The off road section affectionally know as ‘the Skelp’ was removed from the route for the 2019 race.

Always obey the rules of the road. Return to the junction with the N59 along a sealed road and on towards the finish line at Westport.