Ok, so there are no kayaks, but you will be waist high running through the waterways of Kiltimagh, scrambling under cargo nets, climbing moutains and pedalling like a mad man or woman. That’ll do nicely

Race2Glory takes place on July 14th at 10am in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo. There are two options available: a 40km race including a 10km mountain run, 23km cycle and 7km run or a 20km sprint race including a 3km run, 10km cycle and 7km run.

The sprint option is ideal for beginners. It begins with a nice flat 3km run. Expect a few small hills in the cycle route but nothing you cannot get over! The final 7km run is the same as the 40km course with a 100m dash through the River Glore. This is great for refreshing the legs to get you through the last few kilometres. Don’t worry there will be someone there to help you through it on the day!!

If you are up for a challenge why not try out the 40km course or you can also enter a relay for this course. The first 10km run brings you up the mighty Spankers hill. Expect a tough climb for about 300m but, what goes up must come down so you can look forward to a great decent the other side of the mountain. Across the mountain you will make your way through some boggy land for about 200m. The cycle is another hilly course with the delightful Craggagh hill. This will take you up the mountain once again and don’t forget to take in the beautiful scenery along the route. The final 7km is the same as the sprint race and don’t forget to smile for the camera along the way. There are plenty of obstacles throughout the course just to make it a little more exciting.

The entry fee is quite reasonable at €49 and is available through the website www.race2glory.com. This year the total prize money is €1500 so don’t miss out. You will also receive a goody bag, race medal and race top for completing the event. The BBQ and post race massages once you come through the finish line on the main street in Kiltimagh. The highlight of the event is always the fantastic community spirit in Kiltimagh. The wonderful locals will cheer you on throughout the course and get you right to the finish line Kiltimagh.

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