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Race Preview (Extracted from Kayathlon Spring ’18 Magazine)

The Blackstairs Adventure Race – Sunday May 5th 2019.

3 steps, 5 steps, 7 steps.
This what they call the different routes. And as the names suggest, the bigger the step count, the tougher the challenge. That’s 26.5k, 46.5k, 66.5k respectively. The race itself has been relatively small in comparison to some of the others on the race calendar in entrant levels but it certainly doesn’t fall short in the challenge stakes.

With a total combined run just shy 20k, a kayak of 3k, a combined cycle of 45k, it will definitely put the most seasoned adventure racer through their paces. The second cycle is a draining one with long dragged out hill climbs over 25k. A cycle you have to face after a 10.5k mountain run (300m+ incline), 9k cycle and leg stiffening 3k kayak on the Barrow River.

To be followed by another mountain run of 6k through fields, ferns and fences and as the organizers, gleefully describe “A sprint cycle of 11k”, to finish off with a 1k run to the finish line.

The initial run for the first 4-5k is good and fast along road, then fire-road climb. Now this is where it all begins. You will come to a fence at a field, It is not marked out from here, you must decide on the line to take. Go left or go right. A little local knowledge can be of great benefit here. Another great example of why you should chat to those fellow competitors who have done the race before.

The very essence of AR racing is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. In 2017, mother nature got in on the act. The rain and fog got so bad, Marshalls had to line up their Quad bikes with the headlamps on, so to improve visibility. Last year the sun nearly split the stones. With weather forecasts suggesting a change, you better pack the factor.

Now obviously this route is designed for the more seasoned competitor. There are also 2 other routes to challenge you depending on your experience and level. If the 7 steps seem a stretch too far, Why not try out one of the other routes. We, the Kayathlon team will be there, to take the test. Hopefully see you there.

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